In 1990 CONSTRUCTION ERKA London Centric M. VEYSİ ERDOGAN / MURAT Erdogan was established as a partnership, since it was founded Wood Manufacturing, Steel Construction Buildings and Housing, Industrial, Commercial Real Estate and Tourism Buildings has been serving the area. ERKA long-term relationships and a positive solution to the accumulation of 20 years in the style of the sector aims to have a different value.


All projects are necessary with regard sectoral basis, domestic and international quality and safety of all work required by the century, new techniques and products, and indifferent to the sub-structure of the full-time, aims to deliver customer satisfaction.


Our country's construction sector, building structures at the level of developed countries to provide quality, increase market share, production and technological developments and innovations to follow a modern, high-tech equipment to ensure continuous improvement and ensure the participation of qualified employees, our customers' demands of our operations to deliver high-speed with the purpose of producing at the highest level of customer satisfaction by serving as the Quality Policy has been adopted


Customer satisfaction oriented service delivery that is designed to perform a variety of ways, our company expected of him in all kinds of services with professional staff and business by providing quality bitirmedeki companies has become one of the essential self. The project started with the arrival of our manufacturing process, customer needs, our expert staff in the most accurate sensing technology, materials and engineering innovations and disciplined as a result of work completed as soon as possible by providing the highest quality service.Continuous efforts to improve its customer portfolio in keeping pace with technological changes in this area continues to renew itself Erka Construction structures revealed that the durability, speed and quality of the first order of priorities has.


Erka knows the importance of security in the construction sector accelerated the construction work on this issue. Emphasis on team work in order to keep losses to a minimum Erka construction, health and safety for its employees by providing all necessary facilities are in a safe working area. The success of a project environment, health and safety factors in considering that the most important performance parameters of all injuries and accidents can be prevented Erka construction is based on the idea in principle, has adopted a policy of zero loss.


​​Mehmet Veysi ERDOĞAN

Board Member
Construction and Projects Management

Board Member
Finance Manager


A strong sense of social responsibility values ??of the philosophy of quality management approaches, ethical values, commitment to the environment and job security of the provider's commitment to work on these issues and define the roadmap of an exemplary ERKA'nın sustainable growth.

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